The digital age of the model railway has long since begun, but even today many digital systems still assume a model speed only imagined. For model railways supported by software, a meticulously accurate model speed must be determined. Many model railway controls measure the speed of the vehicles with a distance-time calculation.

The distance-time calculation only works with precisely calibrated vehicles, which can be stopped and accelerated with pinpoint accuracy.

Software solutions that are used to control the model railway usually solve the measuring process via several occupancy detectors, whereby the measuring section for a good measurement should be at least 100cm. In order to achieve precise results, each driving level of the vehicles must be measured.

Due to these conditions, the duration of a measurement process is between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the track size, sometimes even longer.

The RZTec Speedbox solves this problem with 2 light barriers at a distance of 100mm, so e.g. in the track size H0 a maximum track length of approx. 60cm is required, whereby the straight piece in front of the Speedbox only has to be 20cm. Curves in front of or behind don’t matter.

The Speedbox is connected to your PC at a free USB interface without any additional hardware or external power supply.

You don’t need an extra measuring track. The speedbox can be easily set up at any point in your model railway.

The light barrier measurement is very precise and the time required to measure is barely longer than 10 minutes.

If you want to track the speed of your passing trains at a certain track section as well as the speed of your measuring, then simply connect the Speedbox to a USB port of your PC, a USB power supply, a power bank or an external power supply (max. 20V DC) and set the Speedbox to the desired track section and track the speeds on the 3.5″ large display.

You can also place the Speedbox on a non-visible part of your system and comfortably follow the speed on the screen with the included software.

You don’t need any extra hard, or software.

Speedbox for measuring various model railway vehicles of the track sizes Z, N, N (UK), TT, H0, 00, S, 0, 0ŵUK), I, G.

Software is compatible with Windows and Railroad & Co. ® Traincontroller Gold as of version 9.0

Speedbox is supported in:
Traincontroller 9 Gold ®
Win-Digipet ® from version 2018.1
ITrain ® from version 5 scheduled for the second half of 2019
Railware ® is currently in preparation.

In the box:

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No toys, from the age of 14.