KSM-RLS sweeping loop module

In this day and age, do you have to switch a sweeping loop with a short circuit? If so, why? We are living in a time when sensor technology is making more and more progress, be it proximity sensors, radar technology, light barriers, etc.

The latter technology uses RZTec and switches the sweeping loop using 2 light barriers located at the separation points.

The big advantage of this is:

  • No more burning on the wheels
  • You protect your electronics from short circuits
  • Even on pushed trains without redeemable carriages, the sensors trigger the clutch
  • The switch triggers even before driving or leaving the sweeping loop, so no short circuit can be achieved

Easiest wiring
Feedback can be used on all commercially available feedback detectors
The module can be operated at 12-18volts Equal or alternating current

At gauge H0, simply drill 2 x 4.5mm holes between 2 thresholds directly at the separation point of the sweeping loop and insert the sensors from below
Smaller gauges may require a threshold to be removed.
The sensors are virtually invisible in the track bed

Available as:
Ready-to-use module

Operation, installation manual as Download

Available in the Onlineshop.

No toys, from the age of 14